President Obama repealed the Affordable Care Act

and replaced it with Obamacare....

Writing in the Washington Examiner Michael Cannon,  Director of Health Care Policy Studies at the CATO Institute, examines how President Obama, aided and abated by the Supreme Court, has rewritten the "Affordable Care Act" to the point where what we know as "Obamacare"  bears little resemblance to the law passed by Congress in 2010.

So Nancy Pelosi was wrong (again!). We did not have to wait till the Affordable Health Care Act was passed to find out what is in it, instead we have to wait to see how Obama, the federal agencies, and the courts decide the what the law says.

Campaign for Liberty continues to work for full repeal of Obamacare.

Read Michael's column here with excerpts below:

Yet President Obama and the Supreme Court now have amended the ACA to the point where it has been transformed into something no Congress ever enacted — indeed that no Congress ever had the votes to enact. The executive and the judiciary have effectively repealed the ACA and replaced it with "Obamacare," which enjoys no such legitimacy.

Before the ink was dry on the Affordable Care Act, President Obama began amending it in dozens of ways that only Congress is authorized to do. Simply usurping Congress' legislative powers would have been bad enough. But Obama's changes were designed to prevent Congress from legislating.


The ACA required many employers to buy more robust health plans six months after enactment. Obamacare, on the other hand, offered waivers to politically connected employers and union plans, lest they lobby Congress for relief.

The ACA requires large employers to buy coverage for their workers beginning in 2014. Obamacare, on the other hand, delays that mandate by up to two years, lest a backlash give rise to legislation. (Even Obamacare's supporters had trouble stomaching that one.)

The ACA threw millions out of their health plans in 2014. But Obamacare allows people to keep the very health plans Congress outlawed. Obama even threatened to veto bipartisan legislation that would have done the same thing, but legally.

Congress forgot to appropriate $135 billion for cost-sharing subsidies. Obamacare spends that trifling sum without an appropriation. And the list goes on…


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