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About Me

I am currently a student at Northern Michigan University and a recent convert from apathetic Do-nothing to political addict, thank you Dr. Paul. After I got married and started having children, I realized that I wasn't just thinking for myself anymore, so the well being and freedom of my family coupled with the inspirational message from Ron Paul have caused me to become addicted to the cause for liberty and a better political understanding.

We need fiscal conservatism and a clearer understanding of Austrian economics.

We need a government that respects the rights and freedoms that this country is founded on.

We need a better system for choosing leaders so that the people are actually being represented in a democratic way.

We need to put more importance on the constitution, our protection from the abuse of government.

We need a new foreign policy that doesn't require policing the world and wasting American blood and tax dollars for interests other than the American people's.