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About Me

I am not as well versed on political topics as I should be but I am learning and taking every opportunity I can to expand my knowledge. To be honest, I never felt any desire to get "involved" with any kinds of politics. I never even voted prior to the 2008 election! Growing up, my father tried to make me understand. He was the "political guy" in the house. But I didn't respond, not until 2008! It was a whole new world to me. I could see with my own eyes, how our rights were being stripped away through my own personal experiences. I couldn't deny it, or ignore it, anymore!

I was discourage about the road America was going down but the powers to control it seemed so far out of reach. Dr. Ron Paul sparked something in me that I didn't think existed. The willingness, the desire, the passion to be involved, have a say and be heard. I have a reason to fear the future if I don't and I can recognize that now. I now believe in the strength that comes in numbers and I am encouraged that there are so many out there like me. I am happy to be among so many true blooded Americans.