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About Me

I have dedicated my life to America's struggle to keep and regain her freedom from the unseen hand of the corporatist state. I was a founder in 1979 of "We The People A.C.T., A Club of Concerned Citizens" and consider myself to still be a friend of Irwin Schiff, the father of Peter Schiff. It was in the 1980 election that I personally learned of Ron Paul. It was the following year when I actually spoke to him by phone. At the time I had taken a strong postion that the Federal Income Tax was being unconstitutionally applied, not that it was unconstitutional in and of itself! I understand that the event even made the London Times in England.

I am a jack of all trades, but currently black listed by fraud and slander as was my dear friend and fellow We The People A.C.T. club member, Robert Walsh, the son of a Holocaust survivor. See: http://occupytheparties.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Union-Paper-Labor-Notes.pdf

"In 2004 I and five others founded "The American Federation of Whiggs." I am still the chairman of that enterprize intended to change the so-called parties from within or replace them all together as they appear to just be two faces on a bad coin."

I currently attend as many meetings that I can afford to go to and am the host of the Monroe County Breakfast Club, which meets once a month at Big Blue's Ribs and More Restaurant, in Monroe, Michigan at 10 o'clock in the morning until noon, on the second Saturday of each month. The Monroe County Republican Breakfast Club was court ordered by the defacto Republican Party to drop the word Republican from its name because they believed it to be in reality the Ron Paul/Campaign for Liberty Breakfast Club. Litigation continues!

I write when I can and my Libertarian friend and former Republican Brian Wright secures my copyright by posting them on his Website: www.TheCoffeeCoaster.com.

My introduction to the Republican Party and true conservatism was in 1980 by the late Richard Durant of Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan and his friends who were members of We The People A.C.T. at that time. Throughout the '50s and '60s, Durant remained active in politics, particularly working to broaden the base of the Republican Party and encouraging young people to understand and get involved in politics and the ideas underlying the workings of a free society. I intend to carry that work on.