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About Me

Had my first awakening in such events as in Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City,  after much research I involved myself in several activist groups attended many seminars and  continued my  (re)-education in U.S. and World history in all areas and continue to this day. In meeting with Dr. Ron Paul at a dinner in 2000 I followed his voting in Congress. When he announced in early 2007 he would run for President I decided to become active in his campaign. First time I ever politically involved myself in a presidential campaign. I and Laura Erpelding started the second Meet-Up group in Michigan and the rest is history and the future. I'am excited about Campaign for Liberty and all that we will be accomplishing in our local communities, counties and state in the near future.I look forward in helping to organize and grow C-4-L through information and education.

We will restore the Constitution of the united states of America again!


Dianne Szostak