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About 2 years ago I awoke to the sound of Liberty spewing from the mouth of Dr. Ron Paul. I had become disinfranchised with the republicans who alienated their conservative base and was close to completely abandoning any interest in politics whatsoever. Just like many of you i can say, "Dr. Paul cured my apathy." I became very active in campaigning for him in the 2008 republican primaries where I was currently living in Boca Raton, FL. I moved to Lynchburg, VA's 6th District and the 101 Precinct where I continued to campaign for his ideals by supporting candidate Chuck Balwin (who was completely ignored by his alma mater Liberty University!) of the Constitution Party. I still consider myself a republican who would like to reform the party; but I know it needs plenty of work. I will work with anyone from any party (or no party) who is Liberty-minded. Let's take our country back, first at the local level, then at the state level, and then at the federal level!