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Local Coordinator

About Me

I live West of Bonner Springs, KS, (which is a few miles West of Kansas City) and am the elected Republican precinct leader for the Linwood/Sherman precinct/township in Leavenworth County. (elected August, 2008)

I am currently the Chair Emeritus of the Leavenworth County Republican Party, and have served as the party Secretary, Chair and Vice Chair. I am also a State delegate.

 In the Republican Women's club I have served as the Vice President and Presidents, and have chaired most of the Standing Committees.

What I believe:

The Constitution is the rule of law
We need to secure our borders
Our country needs to practice fiscal conservatism
Wedge issues-such as abortion and stem cell-are the result of medical advances moving too quickly for our society; we will find solutions to these dillemmas, such as using umbilical blood for stem cell
Social issues, immigration, gun rights and religion have been used to divide our country for political gain
Americans are resourceful and generally moral people. We will overcome our current difficulties if patriots take the lead.

I became concerned about the dire condition of our country in 2006.

I started a website www.StopSmartPort.com, or www.NaftaSuperhighway.info, and Iissue a periodic newsletter. (signup for free)

I joined the MCDC (minuteman civil defense corps)

In 2008, I became more concerned about our country, and I became active in:

.The November Patriots

.Coalition of Citizen activist groups, KS (CCAG)

.Leavenworth  County GOP  www.lvncountygop.com

.Leavenworth Republican Womans group

.Hope for America Coalition (now the Johnson County chapter) as a founding member http://www.hopeforamericacoalition.org/

.Attended The c4l summit as representative for the 2nd  Congressional District of KS

.Attended Rally for the republic

 I received training from AmericanMajority.org  and from the Leadership Institute to in activism, fundraising and candidate training.