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I used to be apathetic.  I thought my voice would never reach out to enough people to make a difference.  I came to realize, with Ron Paul's candidacy, that there were a lot of people that agreed with me and the greatest threat to Liberty was my complacency.  Historically, many great civilizations have failed and it was always because of people like me who were complacent or did not believe they could make a change.  I am faced with the choice of being a statistic or a patriot.In a nation that has come to believe our lives belong to the State, we speak of inalienable rights and personal responsibility; we are labeled terrorist for doing so.  We believe that each and every human being holds infinitely greater value than the State; we are labeled terrorist for doing so.  We speak against oppression; we are labeled terrorist for doing so.  When did patriotism become terrorism?Just as a jailer must release his captives after they have served their just sentence, we the educated must remove the shackles of an oppressive government that has defined us all as criminals for far too long.  It is our duty because we know.  If we do not stand up, we deserve slavery.  Contrary to the idea that creating a law prevents crime, we believe that creating a law causes crime.  Necessary law can be condensed down to a few paragraphs; we've got libraries.Our nation has progressed from a Republic, to a Democracy, to some sort of brainwashed monarchy.  We falsely refer to our king as the President, even as he grows in power.  It is time for a revolution.  Which side are you on?