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Hi! I am from Frankfort Kentucky and graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a degree in accounting. I currently work for the KY DOR. Both parents are still alive and I have 3 sisters. I had 3 dogs (Spot passed a while back but Brownie and Zoe both died this summer 2009, both were older dogs...still miss them a lot though), 5 cats (Tigerlilly the old family cat 18 years or so, Giga Bite...he is mine, new additions Kei Kei and really new additions thanks to Kei Kei, Salem and Miss Kitty)  as well as several Cows. I like UK sports especially Basketball; GO WILDCATS!!! I also root for my college, the EKU Colonles. I like Cincy & Boston teams and the Green Bay Packers. Carl Edwards is my NASCAR Driver. I like to play video games when I can find time. I like to read, usually political or religious books. I like the outdoors and when in Scouting I acheived Eagle. I can listen to most music but mainly Country and Rock. I play the Clarinet, jazz being my favorite to play (it has been a while but I am trying to reteach myself). I also played the Tenor Sax in High School. I am an avid Ron Paul supporter and my mother and father raised me on his radical ideas Liberty, Freedom and the Constitution. I am interested in all topics and because I am all over the place my friends think I am nuts. Right now I am currently involved in an effort to prohibit REAL ID in KY. I support our troops and am thankful for all that they sacrifice. I am a Christian of the Baptist denomination. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. Recently I completed a study of Revelation, and now I am starting Genesis and working my way through back to Revelation.




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