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  Hello.  I have been a long time Second Amendment advocate and have known about the other issues we are fighting for and against since I was 16 years old.  I had lost hope for the American people and the United Staes of America and was in self survival mode.  Then I found out Ron Paul was running for the Republican Presidential primary nomination and seen all the support he got, as witnessed by the mainstream media's blackout and fear of him.  That gave me hope for the future of this country once again, and I am now in it, with you all, to win it until the end.  I am proud to be involved with the Campaign for Liberty and look forward to Restoring our Republic with all of you great Patriots here and in other Freedom loving, Liberty minded organizations.  We have an outstanding group here in Volusia county!  I am proud to know and work with each of you.

  Freedom and Liberty still run in the veins of a majority of Americans. Let's take this country back from the elitist power hungry, war and greed mongers. We Can do this! Campaign for Liberty - Restoring Our Republic.

  Keep up to date and active on legislative issues at John Birch Society Legislative Action and second amendment issues at Gun Owners of America Legislative Action Center.  Keep track of and search current proposed legislation at the Library of Congrss' Thomas.gov.  Also, check out Atlantic Campaign for Liberty on Facebook and MySpace.


"...but let it not be said that we did nothing." - Ron Paul

For Liberty,


P.S. Check out my site with lots of info, resources and links, ConstitutionRevolution.info

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