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just re-registering now; previously was in Bloomfield, New Jersey, now in West New York, New Jersey; am actually running for U.S. Congress, Hudson County. I'm making some statements below; I'll be sending more elaboration as attachments to an e-mail. These statements include:

1) I won't take a salary
2) Would like to participate with the people in the local community in
a live Congressional process, with the Congress, out of the local
town hall. This could be a live video cast-simulcast, with Congress,
to encourage participation of the people who want to participate.
Their input would be valuable, including some necessary anger, at
times. It's better that this happens before something becomes a
law and is more difficult to change. Strong sentiment on the part
of the people will insure much better laws, and discourage things
of the type that make people angry-frustrated later when it's not
possible to change the law.
3) Will voluntarily submit to recall if I go back on any promises or do
anything wrong, careless, or stupid
4) Back to Constitutional values and off the Admiralty Law -
Corporate Law "deception" that were living under, not U.S.
Constitutional Law. This is a really big one to know about with
regard to why they seem to be "violating" the Constitution all the
time. They're not violating the Constitution because we're not
living under the Constitution, but Admiralty Law-Corporate Law. I
didn't know about this until I read a few articles about it, but
Admiralty Law/Corporate Law is in use, confuses people, was
possibly a way for the British to maintain monetary control after
the Revolutionary War, and monetary control gives people control,
such as through the Federal Reserve Scam. Babies, when born,
get an SSAN (Social Security Accession Number). When the
mother signs that document, she doesn't realize she's given away
the babies Constitutional Rights. This is fraud in the inducement,
and plain fraud. To maintain this "Martial Law-Admiralty Law", it's
necessary to "declare war" every few years, whether it's the "war
on Poverty", or the real wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that are
based on "Big Lies", such as 9/11 and the Oklahoma City bombing,
that would leave Adolph Hitler, and the Nazis, in awe and disbelief
as to how they got away with it. We don't need this type of lying
in the U.S., and don't have to tolerate it. The Kuala Lumpur,
Malaysia War Crimes Tribunals were the equivalent of our
"Nuremberg Trials", but we didn't hear about that because we don't
have a free press, or one that tells the truth. It's been said, by
reliable sources, that the destruction of at least one of those
Malaysian Airlines jets was retaliation for their war crimes tribunals
against us. If that ever proves to be true, this would be very bad.

I'll just say that what's controlling the United States now is very bad and evil. Since it's going against God's Laws, it's coming down; there's no doubt about that. We've got to be thinking of how we're going to rebuild a better country after this, and never allow communism to take over in this way again.