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About Me

My goal is to become a homesteader raising my own food. Currently we buy most of our food off of local farms. We are against the National Animal Identification System (NAIS).

"NAIS is a coordinated government-corporate attack on personal privacy, property rights, and religious freedom, on a resilient and diverse food supply, on good animal husbandry, and on human culture and American traditions." quoted from Liberty Ark Coalition.

Please go to the Liberty Ark website and also go to the Farm and Ranch Freedom Association website to educate yourself about what the USDA is pushing down our throats and we don't even know about it.

I also am against the FED. But more importantly I am FOR liberty and the freedom to choose what goes into our bodies. I do not want to be forced to eat irradiated, pasteurized, sickly dead foods. I am FOR freedom to eat grass-fed, pastured, pesticide-free, non geneticially modified foods that are nutrient dense. I believe there is nothing more basic than the freedom to eat what nourishes us.

Yet the corporations are lobbying the government into taking away even these freedoms.

We have to educate our elected leaders about NAIS and get them on board to protect us against this insidious USDA program and we must STOP the National Animal Identification System. Most people don't even know about this yet this is just as harmful to out freedoms if not more so, than the Federal Reserve. Please help to educate people about this harmful program to all of our freedoms.