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About Me

I am a 45 year old father of three, who in the past voted straight Republican. It was during the G.H.W. Bush administration, that I started paying more attention to the actual policies enacted and less attention to the rhetoric and bluster. I began to compare the bills being passed with our Constitution and realized that BOTH parties were involved in chicanery. Yet, I continued to "hold my nose", and vote for those I perceived as the lesser of two evils. I continued to question the illegal powers that had been assumed by government, and wrote my Congressman to express my dismay with their unconsitutional voting records. Finally, after President G.W. Bush took us into an undeclared, unconstitutional war, I had had enough. In 2004, I voted for the candidates who I believed truly held my values (almost none Rep. or Dem.), and helped persuade others to do the same. I have never looked back since then.

My career background is in sales, but currently I own a small computer service and repair business in Whitehall. I have been a Republican Precinct Delegate for 4 years now, and have been to the State Convention twice - once as a Delegate and once as an Alternate.