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"We...the people" are finally beginning to wake up...and we WILL reclaim and restore what our forefathers fought so hard for....  FREEDOM from tyranny!!  Our Constitution and Bill of Rights have been molested and we've allowed it due to our complacency and distractions of the media.  It's time to turn off  mainstream and let common sense and truth prevail.  God bless America...land that I love!!

I voted for Ron Paul.... and would vote for him again.. I refuse to vote for the "lesser of two evils."   I use to be a republican...but left the party and consider myself a patriot.

I have a BS in Natural Health and I'm presently studying for a doctorate in Naturopathy.  This is another very passionate area for me because with all the talk about "health-care reform" there is no mention of "Health Freedom".  Big Pharma (legal drug dealers), Monsanto (Franken-foods)  are just two of many corrupt entities that need to be dismantled along with the Fed and our corrupt politicians that forget who signs their paychecks.

Our Constitution needs to be enforced as it was originally written and we need to get rid of both of the rogue parties that actually have the same goal in mind, think Agenda 21.    Let's kick em all out and start over!!  What do we have to lose...we've already lost it all:(