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About Me

I am a father of  a 9 year old boy and a baby daughter. I have been a member of the Libertarian party since 2001 and have never voted for a republican or democratic presidential candidate. I try to buy organic products and use natural remedies when possible. I believe that people are mislead by the media and that the two party system is ran by the elite bankers of the world. I don't watch the local news and rarely watch cable channel news. All government programs should end and the federal government should be limited to it's constitutional obligation. I played guitar and composed music in a band called Flesh Gallery from 1997-2005. Some of the titles I wrote lyrics for were Anti-Government revolution, A Declaration Of War, No Hope, and Economic Slavery. My brother Dan and my girlfriend Michelle are both Libertarians but most of my other family members vote democrat. I can't stand when I still see people with Obama bumper stickers on there car, it sickens me that people still support him after all of his lies. I am willing to pass out literature, place yard signs, and support any liberty defending candidate. To me the democratic party and republican party are essencially the same and a vote for either one is a wasted vote. Ron Paul is my hero!