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Welcome to the "Campaign for Liberty!" - where we are united in our desire to restore and preserve liberty for all. If you are as serious about this goal as I am, feel free to message me should you need any organizational help or suggestions. I am not here to play. I am not here to spread myself thin by joining other groups. My view is that there have been and are "other" groups that bring truth to others but seldom do they have anyserious action plan. If you are ready to take back your own precinct for liberty - we have the plan - we have the tools - we have the training that will enable you to do just that. Your serious commitment is all that is needed. Contact me, your county coordinator, Regional Coordinator or your State Coordinator if YOU are ready to LEAD your precinct!
Our numbers are growing but time is critical for participation in a politicalparty. Political involvement magnifies your civic power and influence. We want all political parties to be pro-American and preserve liberty. None should "get off the hook"!
The condition of our nation should cause great concern and motivate you to fix it! The training we offer here is free to paid members and I hope you willbecome one, then go through the training.
If you are here just to plug into some great information and deepen your understanding of the issues until you become more of an activist, you are surely welcome. All of us are expected to be united in defending liberty and advancing that mission using the tools and programs in which we agree.
If you are here because you have your own agenda to push, it may be that you are here for the wrong reasons. Where we do have some goals and issues in common, we can work to help each other. Politics is a minefield, egos and misunderstandings are plentiful. Sometimes the stories we hear need to be carefully researched before over-reacting. We will do our best to be responsible and effective in everything we do.
As we grow across this state in the number of dedicated activists, our voices will be magnified within the halls of the legislature and at the voting booths. This will deliver more and more voters to the right candidates or deny them our votes!
Feel free to drop me a message anytime if you would like my views on strategy and tactics in building your local precinct.
I invite your friendship and assistance as we grow the influence and effectiveness of the Campaign for Liberty.