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My name is Daniel Jeskey. I am a fourth year student at Liberty University, and will be graduating in May with a B.S. in Politics and Policy. I am a Christian who bases his politics off the Bible. I believe that Government should be limited to the Constitution, and recognize God as the Sovereign Lord and Ruler of Nations as George Washington proclaimed in his Thanksgiving Day proclamation. I believe that a free market economy flows from a Biblical worldview and that a free market should be modified by justice and private property should be modified by stewardship (however this is not the responsibility of government). The Bible clearly shows that it is the job for the individual and the church to care for the poor, but for the government to do it is unconstitutional and it is theft. I believe we need to return to the gold standard so as to have (as it says in Proverbs) just weights and measures. I believe that we are way to involved in foreign entanglements. We should pull out of those organizations that compromise our national interests. I believe we should stop spending so much on foreign welfare as this is also theft from the American taxpayer. I believe that just as the police defend us and maintain justice and order internally, so it is the military's job externally. If someone says we should get rid of the military then it only makes logical sense that we should also get rid of the police. I believe that anytime before we take miltary action it must be done with a declaration of war, which was President Bush's biggest mistake before we attacked Afghanistand and also Iraq. I believe that many of our most cherished liberties are being trampled on by an out of control national government that must be brought back under the constitution. I believe that in this country there is a massive failure to understand the founding principles of this country and that to return to those principles there must be a Biblical Christian reformation.