"David Yardley" Profile

About Me

David (49) is a graduate of the Michigan Political Leadership Program at Michigan State University. He lives in Berrien County where he grew up and is living in the City of Saint Joseph, MI with his sons Noah, 13 and Jonah, 11 who attend Upton Middle School.

Yardley has worked for the Michigan House of Representatives as a Chief of Staff and as Director of Special Events and Projects for the House Republican Caucus. He was the Lead Staff to the House Veteran's Affairs and Homeland Security Committee.

He has been active in Republican/Conservative and Libertarian causes for over 30 years and has provided legislative, business and political consulting for over 20 years. Yardley has been a key player in economic revitalization and educational issues, such as Enterprise Zones, Housing Opportunity Zones, Charter Schools and Virtual High Schools/Courses.

Yardley said he has "always applied the libertarian principles of lower taxes, less government and more freedom to all public policy matters I have worked on".

In the Spring of 2009, he was one of the leaders in the Tax Day Tea Parties across the country. Since those efforts he continues to provide logistical support to many different organizations that helped elect a new majority in the U.S. House of Representatives in the November 2010 election. Currently, Yardley remains a key activist for FreedomWorks in Michigan, he and his sons recently attended the 5th Annual Americans for Prosperity Defending the American Dream Summit in Washington DC.

David owns Yardley's Campaign Solutions, his clients have included: Chambers of Commerce; Corporations; Non-Profits, Associations; and others.

In 2013 David was elected a member of the Michigan Republican Party State Committee.