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In brief: I'm slightly older than Dr. Paul, and a member of the same profession (medical, not political!). I enthusiastically supported Barry Goldwater in 1964, although I wished he had taken a stand against the Vietnam War. Later I became somewhat involved in the antiwar movement, and later still I git so disillusioned by the disconnect between the ideals versus the reality of the American system that I gave up voting. I resumed it when I discovered the Libertarian Party. Ultimately I discovered Dr. Paul and became an outspoken supporter. I signed up for our local MeetUp Groups, wrote letters to the editor, joined C4L early-on, and went to Minneapolis for the big Rally. Once I actually met Dr. Paul for a few moments. I said that I hoped he would save our country, as I had once hoped Goldwater would do  so, but I doubted that anyone could manage it at this point. Wow, was I wrong. I think he is actually going to  do it!There's more about me at www.huemer.com/ .

Somebody has truncated this bio and has lost or truncated many posts I wrote for C4L. That's why I'm not writing for C4L anymore.