"Todd Welch" Profile

State coordinator: Wisconsin

About Me

I started to become politically active in 2006 when I realized that something was not right voting for Democrats because my parents said they where for the poor and Republicans where for the rich.

I started researching different political parties and when I landed on the Libertarian Party it just felt right, I did not know why but it made sense. Shortly after that I heard of this guy named Ron Paul and everything exploded from their.

Since then I have been the 3rd District coordinator in Wisconsin for both the Libertarian Party and Campaign for Liberty. I have since moved to being the State Coordinator for the Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty.

I truly enjoy this opportunity to advance Liberty in Wisconsin and look forward to our continued growth. We are blessed to have the greatest Liberty activists in Wisconsin and the country right here in the Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty.

Outside of politics I am the co-owner of TC-TEKS Computers - Sales & Service. Carlos Cruz, my business partner, and myself have grow the company from home based to having three retail locations. All of this done without any start-up capital or debt which we are extremely happy about.

Please add me on Facebook and Twitter so that we can stay in touch and let me know what your up to for Liberty.