"Edward R Burgess" Profile

About Me

I am a lifelong Constitutional Conservative who Compromises with none and Cooperates with any - descendant of Col. William Burgess of the Virginia Colony and William Bradford, First Governor of the Plymouth Colony, and of many others who came to be, or where born, Americans.

I am one of five children of the late Bennett R Burgess of Fayette County and his wife Jean A White of Ohio County who made their home in Kanawha County. I gave to them three Grandsons. Our kith and kin were West Virginians before there was a State of West Virginia.

I have been an employee, an employer, and self-employed many times over and have always make a living as a member of the Producer Class. I am not of the Moocher Class, nor do I support the Looter Class.

My political affiliation is the same as that of Ron Paul, Ronald Reagan, Berry Goldwater, and Robert Taft.

My faith is that of the Baptists who helped establish what the world had never seen, a new constellation, a republic of republics, the free association of the American States.

My Allegiance is to The Constitution alone.
My Loyalty is to my Country alone.
Anything else is Treason.
As my fathers before me, I have taken the Oath and shall always loyal be. So help me God.

First & Former State Coordinator.