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I have been an activist - not by declaration or title, but as defined by my activities since 1991 relate in its entirety, completely, and exactly!  I've been advocating for the victimized citizens of economic imbalance that has accelerated its increase of growth even before Clinton was elected, during which time discovered how deep the CAUSES were/are!   

 After being regulated out of a 35 year business (in 1994) I dropped out of work, went back to school to learn enough online to offer help for just this purpose and OUR common interest.  Can't donate with $$$, but I can (and eager to) apply all my available time (locally) to help promote I can while coasting on so so security.

In the 60's and 70's we learned not to typecast. (I.E. charge or accuse anyone for a crime because of color, religion or other categories that fall into discrimination areas). There are already concerns regarding discrimination against the homeless and economically disadvantaged, and the need to stop homeless hate crimes. All criminal charges should be applied for the crime committed... not generalized, stereotyped and unfairly targeting the economically disadvantaged. It only disrupts the potential for any improvement, and is a violation of Civil Rights to criminally charge someone just for being black, or gay, or Jewish, or..... "Homeless"!? Not all of us are drug addicts, alcoholics or otherwise derelict - some of us are used to working for a living. Categorizing living within one's means as criminal behavior is counter productive and lacks common sense. Those with inappropriate behavior had inappropriate behavior before becoming homeless!!

I am . . . a John Doe Homeless

and these are my Viewpoints
of those "progressive" developments
of the Growth that has been
"Good for the Economy"!!?



Due to pResidential Executive Orders, the
National Security Agency may read this without
warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this
without any judicial or legislative oversight.
You have no recourse nor protection save to
call for the impeachment of the current pResident,
and the arrest of the entire BushCoup organized
crime family.