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About Me

I have selected my pen name as a preemptive strike in my philosophical battle against those who would suppress liberty. I will allow that I may face ridicule in doing so, however this also presents the opportunity of countermanding one of the greatest assets in their mission: fear. By taking ownership of this phrase, I seek to thwart the ever increasing push by those in power to encroach upon those unalienable rights possessed by mankind, via instilling a societal fear of those who seek to promote liberty in this war of philosophy. It is this Domestic Terrorists view that the use of violence in the cause of liberty should be viewed at best as a zero sum proposition, and as such should be avoided in all but the most extreme of situations. The greatest weapons in this battle will be knowledge, reason, and truth. Combined and disseminated to the masses, these weapons will be of greater force than any law, regulation, or prison that may be used in retaliation against the revolution. I argue absolutely that the man who uses his fists in a battle for the mind, has already lost the war.

This IS a revolution of the mind.?

Let it be known that a free government and a free people shall never peacefully coexist. One must endeavor to necessarily and properly restrain the liberty of the other. I choose not the chains. I choose to live as a freeman, limited only by the law of a higher authority than that of man. The chains belong with those who would claim to rule others here on Earth. I have made it my mission to see that those chains are once again securely fastened, restoring the individual liberties to the people so as to live their lives in any manner which they see fit, with respect to second and third party rights.

I am armed with the promise of individual liberty, the most dangerous weapon there could be to those who would rule. I am a domestic terrorist. Join me.