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My name is Darrick Lynn Scott-Farnsworth I am a US Navy vet, husband and father of three; as a child I was denied a meaningful relationship with my father due to my mother having sole custody of myself beginning when I was a few years old. The state of Michigan’s decades old best interest of the child criterion  and family law system failed me as an adult and as a child by not promoting fatherhood as being just as important as motherhood as well as a social mind set that places little value on fathering that the state still holds onto. Equally Shared Parenting Legislation is all about what is in the best interest of our children, social science studies and surveys have shown that substantially equal time with both fit parents gives children the best chance for success even when there is conflict between parents. Prior to my divorce I actively raised my children daily but most of my ability to interact with them has been taken away due to the cookie-cutter state allocated 4-6 days monthly average parenting time that I had for seven years prior to getting a new more equal minded judge. With most courts denying most father's attempts to gain more time by using the “substantial change in circumstances” wall I have come to realize that the laws must be changed, because it is in all children’s best interest to have the rebuttable presumption of equal parenting passed. I served my country and my state but when I needed them neither served me because they continue to deny my children more time with their father through the antiquated family law system with no relief available within the system.