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First and foremost – The Constitution of the United States and Michigan should be followed at all times when serving the people as all elected officials swear to defend and uphold it when they take office.Limited Government – rights are granted to the government by the people, the Government does not grant the people rights.Lower taxes – end government waste and keep the money in the hands of those who have earned it. The government shouldn’t raise taxes when it comes up with a new wasteful program, it should do what the American people do – work within their budget.Right to work – nobody should be forced to join a union and be forced to pay dues to that union as a condition of employment.Let the free market work – the government should not be picking winners and losers by giving tax breaks or tax-funded grants to specific types of businesses. For example, let the free market decide which type of new energies should emerge rather than decide for the market. Tax dollars should not be given to private businesses as “incentives” to manufacture certain types of “green energy”.End the Michigan business tax – if you truly want to bring jobs to Michigan, give business an incentive to come to Michigan. Businesses are already being taxed on several levels directly through taxes and indirectly through over-regulation.No bailouts for any business – government bailouts of large corporations that are “too big to fail” should never have taken place. It is not the government’s place to prop up failed businesses; otherwise we are setting a bad example for bad business ethics and practices.End the Federal Reserve – a private entity ran by bankers should not be left in charge of our Nation’s financial stability.End the Internal Revenue Service – an entity created to enforce tax laws that are over 16,000 pages long.Implement an alternate taxation method – we are currently on a sliding income tax scale that penalizes people for success. Using a different method such as the Fair Tax could assist in ending the IRS.Earmarks and pork in Bills need to end – a Bill should be very specific and concise to the content of the Bill.Accountability for reading legislation before voting on it – any politician voting on a piece of legislation has a duty to read legislation, in its entirety, before voting on the legislation.Campaign finance reform is necessary – without reform, special interest groups are able to sway politicians by “purchasing” votes.Ban self-supported raises – when the American people are losing jobs, politicians not voting based on what their constituents ask of them, and Congress and Senate approval ratings in the dumps, why should any of them be able to vote themselves a raise? Anyone performing this dismally in the private sector would be fired.Necessary transparency – we were promised more transparency by our President. Instead, we’re still seeing backdoor deals with major pieces of legislation.End the war on terrorism – you cannot declare war on a belief or act. Bring our troops home to protect our borders and let other countries handle their own societal issues.Withdrawal from the United Nations – there is no vested interest for the United States to belong to the United Nations organization. America was built as a sovereign nation and our activity in the United Nations undermines that sovereignty.Digital Millennium Copyright Act reform – consumers should be able to legally make backup copies of their music and movies they have purchased. In addition, consumers should be able to choose which medium they wish to play their copies.Copyright reform – copyright is currently enforced for the author’s life plus 70 years. Just as patents, copyrights should only have a duration of 20 years so as to benefit society as a whole.Patent reform – the patent system is broken as it stifles creativity and innovation by litigating entrepreneurs and businesses to death by “patent trolls”.Ban the idea of “Free Speech Zones” – they’re unconstitutional as they can, and have, been used to significantly limit free speech.No government regulation of the internet – it’s not part of the government’s role to attempt to “secure” the internet or act as the internet’s police.No national ID card – this removes the sovereignty of each state by forcing its citizens to use a Federally-based identification card. Matters such as personal identification should be handled by the individual states, not at the Federal level.