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About Me

I just about dropped out of society.  I could see the futility in everything I did.  I saw how unfree we had become and I saw us like slaves, both parents working 10-12 hours a day, the prison schools raising our children and not teaching them anything of value. I see the decline of our soverienty as our "elected leaders" take us for a ride to become one world government.  If the United States wastes so much of our money in big government spending and unending wars for their fabricated reasons, drove the worth of our money down to the 1% mark and is inventing new ways to overburden us with taxes when considering all the hidden taxes in inflation, purchases, land and transportation - We are taxed at over 75% of our earnings.

What is going to happen when we are one world government?  Our only chance is Ron Paul, until Jesus comes back.  The Bible says we will become one world government right before Christ returns.  The anti-Christ will be here, saying he is Christ. Decieving people. Sounds like Obama to me. Open your Bible and look for yourself.  Don't let anyone or anything decieve you.  Seek to know the truth.

I saw how this "War on Drugs" serves only those in power, how we are forcibly medicated by the drugs they advertise on television, and forcibly posioned by our water, salt and additives in the food. Our media is terribly slanted, I have seen how that has made Ron Paul invisible in the last election and how the media is trying to do it again.  Help me to become a delegate for our community in Coos Bay, Oregon. I have Ron Paul brochures and DVD's from FreedomUniversity.  I am able to speak with conviction, have good stage presence, I am a songwriter, schooled musician an artist and writer. I grew up on a farm and I have common sense about plants and animals and the laws of nature.  I see how our food supply has become posioned, our health is declining and we have more prisioners than any country in the world- even though China has the biggest population by far- our  prisioner count far exceeds theirs.