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About Me

I love Jesus Christ and the Catholic faith. I don't go a day without thinking about them. They are what gives my life meaning. Ask me about them any day and I will love to talk to you about them. Other things I do with my time is I listen to music, work at Kroger as a Cashier, go to college at Schoolcraft, and go to a few Christian young adult groups. I have great friends. I guess that's about it. God bless. :)  

I am  Pro-Life Free-Market Constitutional Conservative:

Samuel Gregg's "On Ordered Liberty" is a good book to read on political policy that cuts through both Liberal and Conservative thought. I am a follower of the Austrian view of economics. I also follow the Libertarian movement but I am unsure with some of their views of the role of the government. I like the Acton Institute, Thomas Woods, Ron Paul. Jeffery Tucker and Peter Schiff too.