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About Me

I was born and grow up in a socialist-communist country of Czecho-Slovakia, run from there 39 years ago looking for freedom.  Now I'm watching how we are loosing our freedom.
I'm a mother of 4 grown children and grandmother of 3 precious little souls, and ready to do everything what it takes. My thinking is, if it's going to be it's up to me :) .....................

I finded this song in my email box:

a href="http://www.breakthematrix.com/BreakTheMatrix/The-Next-Generation-a-music-video-by-Keith-Baxter" onClick="document.images["breakTheMatrix"].src='http://www.breakthematrix.com/badge/badge.php?cid=27440';return false">http://www.breakthematrix.com/badge/badge.php?cid=27440" border="0" />