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About Me

Hello to all. I'm eager to get involved.

I recently moved back to Lodi, CA after working 4.5 years in Washington D.C. as a non-profit lobbyist in foreign affairs. I experienced and witnessed alot in DC. I met with hundreds of staff in Congress. I met Ron Paul in person twice. I led a Campaign for Liberty group in Alexandria, VA. I went to CPAC 2009 with the Campaign for Liberty. We spread the message of Audit the Fed bill! H.R. 1207! I hope to organize and get involved in the Congressional District 11. I am from a small town near Stockton, California.

I'm here like you are and that is to get involved. We need to organize and get the message out. We as citizens must participate in the political process if we are to change policies. District 11 is one where it will require hardwork and teamwork. We all to need to work together to bring about change and make sure people hear the message of the Constitution. We can do it together!