Rand's endoresment

I have taken a measured approach to writing this review of Dr. Rand Paul’s endorsement of Mitt Romney. While it is said and done, in the history books, and any other phrase one could use to state that it cannot be taken back, I would like to share an observation and a musing I have been mulling about regarding the machinations of sightless fealty. Most of you are not voting for Mitt Romney because Senator Paul gave him the nod. Most of you are not voting for Mitt Romney because of his politics, his skin color, or his religion. Most of you are voting from him because of the “R” after his name. You are letting a letter of the alphabet determine how you vote, and it is even worse than all the other reasons you could be using to justify your vote. Why? Because you are doing it blindly sans thought.  There is not a devalued nickels worth of difference between the two parties. They are both the “Big Government Party”. Think on this; If the Republicans are the “conservative’ party, what are they conserving? The Constitution, No. Under the last Bush administration the Patriot Act gave the government more tools to take liberties with our rights that would make any would-be-despot smitten. The Republicans take as their name the very form of government we are supposed to have, a Republic. Are they conserving that? They are not conserving the Founding Documents so why would it be even conceivable that they would hold true to the formula. If the Democrat party is the “progressive” or ‘liberal’ party, what are they progressing to or from?  What are the liberating? Freedom? Civil rights? Is the progression towards them or from them? Are they wanting to move away from “ Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of …” or crawl into each word and live each letter as a guide to humanity? By maintaining the “spend and debt” practices of the last President, where is the difference? These terms, conservative and liberal are relative to the times in which they are used. Our Founders were liberal…to King George of England. The Tories, those who supported the Crown, were the conservatives. They were the ones fighting for King and country against the roustabouts rebelling against their motherland and protector. So what of Mitt Romney? He will not change anything! Because he cannot, by virtue of the small amount of the Constitution that is still being fallowed, the President does not have those powers, yet!
And even if he did try to change the gears of Washington, rest assured he would lose more than his name and his principles.   We do have a choice, and it is not to be found in one figurehead. It is to be found in each of us, on our own, then join with liked minds. This Commonwealth could be the proverbial Concord and Lexington! Instead of a shot heard around the world, it would be a shout of “No! We are human beings, born in freedom and beholden to no one but our Creator! Liberty is our right, and no law you make can do away with it.”

This is more than party, this is even more than country. It is free humanity rejecting oppression.

“You cannot take my hands, for they work the mettle of my ingenuity. You cannot have my arms, as they my pillars of resistance to tyranny. And you will not bare upon my back the woes of your incompetence. For I am free! I am free as humanity was, and is, meant to be.”

Yours in Liberty

Corey J. Bryson

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