Red Light Camera ban bill filed in Texas Senate!

Several months ago, Texas Campaign for Liberty started working on one of our signature issues - banning the dangerous and unconstitutional Red Light Cameras in Texas. For too long, the camera industry and Texas cities have been picking the pockets of drivers using automated ticketing cameras. More often than not, these cameras actually increase accidents.
We asked you to stand with us as we fought to support a statewide camera ban bill in Texas, and you did. Thousands of Texans signed our petition to make the politicians in Austin aware that we want our rights back. We believe drivers in Texas deserve better than being subjected to a "safety" program that outsources law enforcement to out of state corporations. These corporations swear no oath to the Constitution.
Lawmakers in Austin are starting to listen to us, and we now have a statewide camera ban bill filed in the Texas Senate.
SB 340 was just filed by District 16 State Senator Don Huffines. But the politicians and special interests that want to control you will do everything they can to stop the bill from ever seeing the light of day.
I need you to contact your State Senator and DEMAND they publicly support and seek roll call votes on SB 340.
You see, the camera companies have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to lobby our legislators in Austin to keep and expand their camera programs in Texas. Some cities, like Denton, have already declared they will spend taxpayer money to fight any attempt to take their revenue cameras away.   Without your help and support, they just might win.
Ever since the cameras were slipped into Texas - through unethical wheeling and dealing - Texas drivers have seen:

  • A federal bribery scandal;
  • Increasing accidents;
  • Denial of the right to a trial by jury;
  • Denial of the right to confront our accuser;
  • Interference with Texas elections;
  • Violations of the presumption of innocence.

These automated ticket cameras spy on us for cash.
The cities love the extra millions of dollars they get, but their citizens hate them.
Every time Texans get to vote on the cameras, they vote them out.
I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time Texas drivers said, “enough is enough!”
If you agree, I hope you’ll contact your State Senator right away and DEMAND they publicly support and seek roll call votes on SB 340.
Also, please take a moment to contact Senator Huffines' office at 512-463-0116 and thank him for standing against the dangerous Red Light Cameras. If passed, SB 340 would ban the automated ticket cameras in Texas. It would also restore our right to free and safe travel in Texas, without having to worry about the corrupt "taxation by citation" program.
So please, stand up for your right to free and safe travel in Texas by contacting your State Senator TODAY. Demand they publicly support and seek roll call votes on SB 340, the Red Light Camera Ban bill, at every opportunity.                      Click here for contact information.  And there is still time to sign our petition to call for a statewide camera ban. You can sign the petition by clicking here.

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