Redistribution of Wealth: False Argument

The argument over the redistribution of wealth is a false one.  The government doesn’t tax people simply to redistribute the money to the poor to provide them with a better life.  If that is the argument being sold, people are going to buy it.  People don’t want to witness the suffering of other human beings.  That is why it is so important for the public to finally become aware of the fact that it is the policies of the big government that cause destitution.  If the intent of taxes was really to provide a “handout” to the poor, then the money would be given to the churches and communities because they are the ones involved in the people’s lives.  They can provide the money to them in ways that will benefit them most.  They know what the needs are and they know who has the needs.  They know individualized support is what will help and that there is no one-size- fits-all solution that applies to all struggling families.  They know how to provide them the type of assistance that will give them a lift so that they can get through a troubled time and then lead them to a better day.  So, I’d say that if taxes took money from the rich and distributed it in this fashion, most people would support such a thing.  In most people’s eyes, they see the current tax/entitlement situation as being just about that rosy.  They picture a struggling family finding a helping hand in the government that then lifts them up.  Who wouldn’t support such a thing, right?  This is not what the government does for people.  They do not because the intention is not to relieve suffering, but to spread it so that those in power will keep their power because the people are dependent on their assistance.   They don’t want to lead you to a sunny day on the other side of a bad storm; they want to keep you in the storm indefinitely.

The truth is that taxes suck money out of the economy and into the government to be used for all kinds of evils.  The government doesn’t tax people to redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor, but from individual Americans to the drug companies.  From Jo Schmo  to corrupt governments in other countries.  From patriotic citizens to government agencies which turn around and use that money to monitor them.  From a local physician to the FDA which suppresses natural cures and supplements.  From an organic farmer to a government which then takes his farm away.  From a local inventor to a government which raids his lab and confiscates his research and inventions.  From a local business leader to the United Auto Workers union.  And from the guy running the local deli to some big banks that want to get bailed out for blowing their money, because… why would they take the loss of their poor investments when their debt can be bought by the US taxpayers.      

Lowering taxes allows for more money to flow through the economy.  People would have more to spend and therefore there would be more jobs for everyone so that no one is forced to surrender their dignity to beg for a handout.  The more people with jobs there are and the more money that is flowing through the economy, the more money there is available to be privately given to charities and churches to provide meaningful assistance to those who are still struggling.

To portray those who do not support the redistribution of wealth as people who do not care or just don’t want to share their money is absurd.  It’s a false argument to say that you either support big government or you don’t care about poor people.  So why does the Republican party allow that argument to be made?  Why do they argue for or against “handouts” instead of explaining the effects of the social engineering programs?  Why do they never explain the suffering caused by big government if not for the fact that they also endorse it?  Nobody wants to put themselves out of a job or make themselves irrelevant.  It matters not if a politician is Republican or Democrat, the fact remains the same; both sides are endorsing massive government (but for a handful of patriots who still remain in government).  Americans want to be on the side that cares about people.  Government does not want anyone to know that if you care about people, you want smaller government.  It is essential that we look a level deeper than, "Do we want to help the poor or make them fend for themselves?" and ask the real question they don't want asked, which is, "are these programs helping anyone but the government?”

Luckily, times are changing and the internet provides people who see through the lies and propagand a platform from which to sound off.  These lies will no longer go unchecked.  It will take many installments to really uncover the evils of big government and I hope you will continue to check in as I break down the issues one by one.  Today’s installment is just to point out the false argument being made to keep people unaware that there are solutions outside of government and by the time I’m done with this blog, I hope more people will understand why supporting limited government will be the best way to help everyone.



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