Reps. Salmon and Schweikert to GOP Leadership: No More Mr. Nice Guys

Arizona Representative Matt Salmon has an op-ed in The Washington Times pledging to vote against future rules for bills that increase the deficit. Fellow Arizona Representative David Schweikert followed up Representative Salmon's op-ed with a Dear Colleague letter asking his Republican colleagues to join with him and Representative Salmon in voting against rules to bring budget-busting bills to the House floor.  Campaign for Liberty members should recall that Representative Schweikert was one of the members purged from the Financial Services committee for voting against the GOP leadership's big spending bills.

I have heard rumblings from several other Congressional offices that they are willing to start voting against rules if the GOP leadership insists on bringing bills to the floor that expand the size and scope of government.  This would force the GOP leadership to either bring bills to the floor that actually cut spending or pass their Big Government schemes with support from establishment Republicans and Big Government Democrats.  If they chose the latter course, they would lose any claim to legitimately representing  the members of their party and the grassroots activists responsible for the GOP House Majority, who expect their leadership to fight for limited, constitutional government.

The growing number of Representatives willing to stand up to the big spenders and the "go along to get along" members of their own party is due in no small part to the efforts of Campaign for Liberty members and illustrates why it is so important we keep up our efforts to demand Real Cuts, Right Now from Congress.



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