Representative Rooney's Disgracefully Dishonest Release

Representative Tom Rooney just sent out a disgracefully dishonest press release about the Smith/Amash amendment, claiming that it would "reward al-Qaeda attacks on U.S. soil" by "granting constitutional rights to foreign terrorists captured on U.S. soil."

In reality, this press release couldn't be further from the truth. 

From the moment that Americans first learn about our judicial system, we're taught that in America, our system is unique. That in America, the accused are first innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This is the fundamental basis for our legal system.

And yet, Congressmen like Tom Rooney would seek to turn the judicial system on its head. That if the government accuses an individual of "substantially supporting" al Qaeda, the Taliban, or "associated forces," they are already guilty by the mere fact they've been accused.

The Smith/Amash amendment that Rooney is arguing against would prevent the indefinite detention of indivduals by protecting an individuals' right to due process, a right that is protected by the Constitution.

The Constitution does not exist to protect just American citizens. It protects all individuals who are lawfully in the country. If Mr. Rooney is worried about terrorists being in America, perhaps the focus of his concern should be directed at our intelligence community, as it would be a failure on their part if an actual al Qaeda terrorist made it into the country illegally

C4L members should contact Represenative Rooney at 202-225-5792 and demand that he apologize for his offensive press release and oppose the indefinite detention of individuals lawfully within the United States by supporting the Smith/Amash amendment.

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