Ron Paul and Norm Singleton on Passage of Wyoming Legal Tender Act

Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul and President Norm Singleton made the following statements regarding the Wyoming State Senate’s passage of the Legal Tender Act. This act restores gold and silver’s legal tender status and exempts transactions in gold and silver from all taxation. The bill now heads to Governor Matt Mead’s desk where hopefully he will sign it.

Ron Paul: Passage of the Wyoming Legal Tender Act is the latest sign that dissatisfaction with the Federal Reserves money monopoly — and the movement to change our fiat currency system led by my Campaign for Liberty — is alive and growing. This bill would not have passed through the legislature without the hard work of Wyoming Campaign for Liberty state coordinator Cathy Ide and all of the dedicated activists who made sure the Wyoming legislature knew the people wanted them to restore their legal right to use real money instead of Federal Reserve notes. Governor Mead should listen to the people and sign this bill into law without delay.

As the economy slides into another Fed-created downturn, I predict the movement to pass state legal tender laws will grow. My Campaign for Liberty group is ready to help pass these laws in as many states as possible.

Norm Singleton: Congratulations to Cathy Ide and all of Wyoming Campaign for Liberty for their successful efforts to pass the Legal Tender Act in the Wyoming state legislature. They will mobilize enough grassroots pressure to convince Governor Mead to sign the bill.

Campaign for Liberty’s activists across the nation will continue to work to pass state laws relegating the use of gold and silver as legal tender in all fifty states, thus providing the American people real alternatives to the Federal Reserve’s continuously deprecating fiat currency.

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