Ron Paul and Norm Singleton on President Trump's budget

Campaign for Liberty Chairman Dr. Ron Paul and President Norman Singleton released the following statements regarding President Trump's budget:

Ron Paul--  For all the hand-wringing by the left (and celebrations) by the right) over how President Trump's budget dramatically slashes government, the truth is his budget increases spending to 5.7 trillion in 2027.  The main reason is that, while the budget slows the growth of welfare spending (without actually cutting spending) it dramatically increases overseas warfare spending.

President Trump's proposed increase in defense spending confirms fears that he has abandoned his campaign promises to change the hyper-interventionist foreign policy of his predecessors.

Instead, President Trump has bought the two big lies spread by the military-industrial complex and their apologists on Capitol Hill, K Street, and the media:

1. the military has been cut to dangerous levels by "sequestration" and

2. increasing spending on militarism is necessary to ensure our safety.

The truth is the US military budget exceeds the combined military budgets of the next eight highest spending countries in  a futile attempt to run the  world engenders our safety, our liberty and our prosperity.

It is also disappointing to see Trump continue to embrace the Keynesian fantasy that federal "infrastructure" spending can create real, long-lasting prosperity, as well as the fantasy that government can simply create new entitlement to "family leave" without any negative consequences.

The administration;s budget relies on budget gimmicks, such as unrealistic estimates of the savings from the GOP Obamacare retention plan ,and unrealistic forecasts of economic growth, to validate their claim that the budget balances within ten years.

A budget designed to drain he swamp would dramatically cut spending in all areas, starring with major cuts in militarism and corporate welfare, and return responsibility for programs like infrastructure to the states and the private sector.

Norman Singleton--- President Trump's budget  allows the size and scope of government to gore and relies on "rosy stentorian" economic protections to achieve balance. Campaign for Liberty is going to continue to work to mobilize pro-liberty Americans to convince  Congress to make  Real Cuts, Right Now in all areas of goverment spending.

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