Ron Paul and Norm Singleton on President Trump’s School Safety Plan

Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul and President Norm Singleton issued the following statements regarding President Trump's school safety plan.

Ron Paul—  By introducing the “if you see something say something” mentality to public schools, President Trump’s plan will lead countless teenagers to lose their liberties for nothing more than typical teenager behavior. The extended use of “extreme risk protection” orders will cause many Americans to lose their second amendment rights, as will support for “fixing the National instant background check system." President Trump’s plan also suggests that mental health patients may lose their privacy rights, and that movies, video games, and other media may soon face federal regulation to ensure they do not contain excessive violence. Left unanswered is who in D.C. has the wisdom to decide when violence becomes excessive and how does this new power coexist with the First Amendment.

Some gun rights advocates may cheer the President’s proposal to provide grants for school personnel to receive firearms training. But federal funding means federal control. This could be a Trojan horse that will lead to federal gun regulation. A federal gun safety program will likely be as difficult for school employees to take advantage of just as the armed pilots program. If the administration was serious about school safety they would urge Congress to pass Representative Thomas Massie’s H.R. 34, which repeals the gun-free schools act.

Norm Singleton— President Trump’s school safety plan expands federal control of the schools and violates the first, second, and tenth amendments. Campaign for Liberty will do all we can to stop this from becoming law, and pressure Congress to provide real school safety by passing H.R. 34.

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