Ron Paul and Norman Singleton on Kansas Campaign for Liberty’s Victory for Sound Money

Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul and President Norm Singleton issued the following statements regarding Kansas’ legislation exempting precious metals from state sales taxes. Passage of this legislation has been a priority for Kansas Campaign for Liberty.

Ron Paul— No one would suggest that individuals pay a sales tax when they exchange two $5.00 bills for a $10.00 bill. Applying the principle that exchanging one form of currency for another is not a “sale” and this should not be subject to state sales taxes is a major step forward in Kansas Campaign for Liberty’s efforts to restore gold, silver, and other precious metals’ status as legal tender. Make no mistake, this victory for the cause of sound money would not have happened without the all-volunteer leadership and activism of Kansas Campaign for Liberty.

The next step is to pass legislation officially recognizing precious metals as legal tender. Kansas Campaign for Liberty will continue to put the heat on their state legislators until Kansas joins Arizona, Wyoming, and other states that have re-legalized the use of precious metals as money.

Other state C4L groups are working on similar legal tender bills. I have every confidence that our dedicated state leaders and activists will have continued success in their fight to allow Americans to use precious metals to escape the destructive fiat currency system.

Norm Singleton— Congratulations to the hard working volunteers of Kansas Campaign for Liberty. As Dr. Paul stated, exempting precious metals from the sales tax is an important first step toward restoring precious metals as legal tender. Campaign for Liberty state groups will continue to push their state legislators to enable people to use the currency of their choice.

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