Save the Filibuster

The Biden blitz attacking our economic and health freedoms has one obvious weakness in the U.S. Senate -- the filibuster.

Because the filibuster is one of the few roadblocks on liberty’s side, it should be no surprise the Democratic caucus is looking to throw it on the scrap heap for good, meaning there would be nothing in the way of their far-left agenda.

What would it mean if the filibuster is eliminated in 2021?

>>The 50 Member Senate Democrat Caucus + VP Kamala Harris’ tiebreaking vote could fast-track any Senate bill, regardless of how radical it is.

>>Massive Covid bailouts, a national gun tax and confiscation schemes, “The Great Reset” legislation, and brand new “Domestic Terrorism” bills that target conservatives and libertarians could make it to Joe Biden’s desk this year.

>>And more!!

Congress was not designed by our founders to be a simple rubber stamp for the controlling party’s most radical agenda.

By completely stripping away the filibuster, which is already weakened, we’re likely to see wild and dangerous swings from our lawmakers and many unintended consequences that I suspect the Democrats will regret just a few years from now.

We need to save our Republic from turning into a complete tyranny of the majority party.

The Senate filibuster was weakened in 2013 after an attempt to completely destroy it the last time Democrats controlled the majority in that chamber.

When Republicans took control of the Senate after the 2014 election, the Democrat’s own changes to the filibuster rule were used against them and eventually cost them the chance to stop three of Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominations when the rule was extended from some federal judicial appointments to ALL of them, including the Supreme Court.

Now Democrats seem poised to prove to everyone that they cannot be bothered to learn from their own mistakes, even if they were just made a few years ago.

They simply can’t help themselves when presented a flurry of leftist expansions to big government that will create a lot of hardship … for everyone else!

Two Democrat senators -- Joe Manchin of WV and Krysten Sinema of AZ -- have publicly said they are against eliminating the filibuster and won't even entertain the idea. But it wouldn't be the first time a politician changes their mind if it suits them or if enough pressure is put on them.

Through his spokesperson, Joe Biden is indicating he is not in favor of changing the filibuster rule, but that’s merely a distraction to keep us off guard.

After all, Biden doesn’t get a vote on it, and he certainly wouldn’t hesitate to use it to his advantage if that rule change pushes the biggest dream bills the statists can come up with right to his desk.

>>>The Green New Deal

>>>Gun Control

>>>More Taxes, Higher Taxes, and New Taxes

>>>Attacks on our freedom of speech

That’s why it’s been such a big target for years.

The Senate filibuster has been an indispensable tool in stopping some of the worst big government power grabs over the years, including Cap and Tax, which would have driven energy costs through the roof, a National Gun Registration, and the so-called “Disclose” Act, which would have destroyed free speech for organizations like ours.

I shudder to think about what else the left may cook up in the next two years to ram through with nothing standing in their way.

That’s why you and I must get this message out to as many folks as possible before this latest attack on the filibuster is successful.

Please take the time today to make a few important phone calls. First, call your two senators and demand they keep the filibuster as we know it. Then call Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) at (202) 224-2541 and insist he not negotiate away the filibuster with Majority Leader Chuck Schumer!

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