Say NO to Forced Vaccinations

Early reports don’t look good.

The failures and major side effects reported in coronavirus vaccine trials are downright scary.

One trial was halted because a participant had to be hospitalized after developing transverse myelitis, a serious illness that landed her in the hospital.

They’re skipping critical safety steps with the coronavirus vaccine and are rushing it at light speed. This is hardly a path to something that will be considered safe for the general public.

Keep in mind the participants in these trials were handpicked because they are in excellent health. Imagine what the results would be if they had underlying health conditions!

To add insult to injury, several state governments are already throwing around the idea of making this unproven vaccine mandatory to be able to have access to basic services like public schools.

I'm very concerned politicians and Big Pharma are just a few short weeks away from stripping away your health freedom, in favor of profits for vaccine makers and more control for the government. 

The plans coming from states like Virginia and Ohio would strip away rights from those who haven’t been vaccinated. And Congress has ideas about national mandates carried out with government force.

Even President Trump, who has said any vaccine should be a matter of choice, has frequently mentioned that the “military” will be in charge of distributing the coronavirus vaccine. That hardly gives the impression that it will be anything but mandatory.

Please sign your petition to tell your U.S. Representative and Senators you will not accept any type of forced vaccinations TODAY!

Speaker Pelosi has been a vocal proponent of this scheme for a national strategic plan to trace, track, and forcibly vaccinate the American people. . .

Both parties in Washington are poised to pass legislation for contact tracing that could even lead to forced vaccinations. They are simply haggling over the details. This is dangerous.

In my first week in the House of Representatives in 1976, I cast one of the two votes against legislation appropriating funds for a swine flu vaccine.

The swine flu outbreak was a media event back then, with all the major networks giving it coverage that no other virus had ever received. The public was scared into a frenzy back then -- though it doesn’t even come close to the hysteria of 2020.

Back then, just as now, the clamoring for a magical cure-all in the form of a rushed vaccine was coming from the media, the politicians, and then the public.

Unfortunately, the hastily and rushed into production vaccine was not only ineffective, it was DANGEROUS.

Approximately 50 people who took it contracted Guillain Barre Syndrome, a potentially deadly form of paralysis, which was a tragedy for those families and unnecessary for preventing this strain of the flu.

When all was said and done, this vaccine was shown to have increased the odds of getting Guillain Barre Syndrome by 4 times, which is a significant risk.

Will that sad history repeat itself with this rushed and overhyped coronavirus vaccine?

Your U.S. Representative and Senators need to hear from you! Sign your petition to tell them NO to any kind of forced vaccination.

You’ve also probably seen  Big Pharma is now colluding with software magnate Bill Gates of Microsoft to create a “Digital Certificate” to prove you’ve been vaccinated. Gates and Big Pharma are expecting the American public to accept this -- “for our safety,” of course.

Another form of this tyranny that’s being forced upon us are these “Contact Tracing Apps” which can be covertly installed on your phone. They are sometimes presented as “optional,” but they nag you incessantly until you give in and install them.

And just like that, a health bureaucracy now has access to your personal and private data so they can track you and “trace” you electronically to see if they need to contact you about a possible exposure to someone with the coronavirus and even compel you to take an unproven vaccine, if Nancy Pelosi and Big Pharma get their way.  

This is an assault on our privacy and an assault on our liberty! And it’s going to affect your kids if they get their way.

States like California have already passed laws that require children to receive a full vaccine schedule to attend school. There are currently a whopping 35 vaccines in their first 6 years.

We must stop this before it goes too far -- sign the petition TODAY!

California’s law is especially terrifying, because it creates a vaccine database of all children, destroying their medical privacy for life and allowing bureaucrats to bully their parents into making sometimes disastrous health choices just to stay in school.

If that type of a law ever passes in other states, big government will be inside our homes in ways we never thought possible.

President Trump and Big Pharma companies keep hinting at this coronavirus vaccine being ready before November. That’s convenient timing with the election coming, but our long-term health is much more important.

Sign the petition against mandatory vaccines today and we’ll send it right to your U.S. Representative and Senators! 

The good news is there is much skepticism about this rushed process, and we’re now hearing it from corporate media and even some of the politicians on the left. Whatever their motive is, it’s causing more people to wake up to the possibility that this vaccine may not have had enough time to be proven safe.

Let’s all make sure we make our feelings known to our legislators in D.C. right away -- before they move any of these dangerous mandatory vaccine proposals forward. And they need to know we certainly will not tolerate any kind of program to force-vaccinate ourselves or our children.

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