Senator Hansen Still Opposing Liberty!

October 27, 2011

Dear Tony,

In 1935 congress passed and Franklin Roosevelt signed into law the Wagner Act.  The act that stripped away free association. The act that entrenched forced unionism in the American workplace.

Now we have a chance to undo this injustice to individual rights and liberty.

So why won't State Senator Geoff Hansen take a stand on the side of freedom and commit to restoring free association?

Why won't he give his written commitment in support of a full statewide Freedom to Work bill?

It's time to lay the pressure on and contact Senator Geoff Hansen.  It's critical you call his office today at 517-373-1635.

Once you have contacted him and asked for a written commitment, click here to sign our petition.  If he continues to refuse to support you, we will march in and drop a whole pile of signatures on his desk!

What excuse could he have for not fulfilling his oath of office?

What excuse could he have for not supporting liberty?

The best way to find the answers to these questions is to call Senator Hansen at 517-373-1635 and find out if he supports you or not.

If his office tells you that he doesn't believe government should get involved, let them know that's an awful funny answer considering that government gave us forced unionism and we are looking to undo that not-so-little bit of government intervention.

Without free association there is no free speech.  So far, Senator Hansen doesn't seem to believe in free association or free speech.  Well, when he feels the heat, he will see the light.

Contact Senator Hansen today at 517-373-1635 and demand he let you know where he stands on this critical issue.

Time is short if we want to start 2012 off with a roll call vote on full statewide Freedom to Work in the Senate, so contact Senator Hansen now!

Does Senator Hansen support your freedom to associate?

The only way to find out is for you to call him and demand an answer.  Either he will give you a written commitment or he will give you some feeble answer designed to make you go away and stop asking questions.

If you get a feeble answer, then let us know and we will double down.  It's time he stands up and makes his intentions clear.  Either he supports your right to free association or he doesn't.

Remember, a private promise is as good as worthless when it comes to politicians. We must have a written declaration of support.  An email will work just fine.

If you get a written commitment, please reply to this email with it so we can add to a growing list of supporters.

If you would like to help in the effort to get Senator Hansen on record, please contact Andrea Blachford by emailing her at crotoncrier@yahoo.com.

If Senator Hansen is not hearing from his constituents that full statewide Freedom to Work legislation is a “line in the sand” issue, he will likely do nothing on this controversial issue.

Don't let Michigan workers continue to be deprived of their right to free association and free speech because you did not contact these legislators.

For Liberty,

Tony DeMott
Michigan State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S.  No one should be forced to pay for someone else's political agenda.  Workers should not be forced to contribute to a private organization in order to keep their job.  We can stop this injustice by passing a statewide Freedom to Work bill.  Click here to sign our petition.

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