Sign Your "No Red Flags Deal" Petition!


“I really can’t see a reason we can’t pursue this . . . we can make a stew here that works!”

That’s how Senator Lindsey Graham concluded his Senate hearing yesterday on the so-called “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Bill (S. 7) I’ve been warning you about.

The anti-gun statists are grinning from ear to ear and putting the pedal down to RAM this scheme through the Senate.

Without your help, I’m worried they may just succeed.

For months now, politicians in BOTH parties have been clamoring for a gun control “deal.”

Senator Graham isn’t the only self-proclaimed “pro-Second Amendment” Republican politician who thinks a gun control “deal” is perfectly okay if ALL it does is allow government goons to ignore due process and seize the guns of Americans who’ve committed no crime whatsoever.

In fact, Senator Ted Cruz appears to have given up defending the rights of gun owners, saying during the hearing that “extreme risk laws of the kind we’re discussing can potentially be part of the solution set.”

And now that the hearing on this Senator Marco Rubio-backed nightmare is concluded, the backroom horse trading is underway.

That’s why I’m counting on EACH and EVERY Campaign for Liberty supporter to sign their “NO RED FLAG DEALS” petition IMMEDIATELY!

Then, please forward this urgent message on to your friends and family.

Without your IMMEDIATE action, I’m worried you and I could be steamrolled by this blatantly UNCONSTITUTIONAL scheme.

Under so-called “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Orders, gun owners could be stripped of their Second Amendment rights through secret court proceedings where only your accuser is present!

If a judge is convinced that you’re a “significant danger” to someone, including yourself, your Second Amendment freedoms could effectively be revoked. And you don’t even get to defend yourself!

It doesn’t strain the imagination to see how such a policy would invite abuse.

A jilted former lover who lies to a judge out of spite -- or a coworker who doesn’t like a political post you made on social media -- could be all that’s necessary to bring a heavily-armed SWAT team bursting through your door.

You won’t be warned ahead of time -- and could very well mistake these “legal” intruders for common thugs who are coming for your life.

In states with these “Red Flag” laws on the books, reports of shootouts between law enforcement and gun owners are becoming commonplace when they could be easily avoided if we’d just follow our Constitution’s Fifth Amendment right to due process.

And when these gun seizures don’t result in a hail of gunfire, innocent law-abiding gun owners often find it takes weeks or even months -- not to mention thousands of dollars in fees -- to get their firearms back.

THIS is what the anti-gun statists in both parties have decided is the “solution” to mass shootings like Parkland!

It won’t work.

The ONLY way to stop a bloodthirsty madman with a gun is if good people are armed and ready to fight back.

But instead of allowing that, statists in BOTH parties resort to posting “Gun Free Zone” signs, effectively rolling out the red carpet for those hell-bent on committing mass murder.

Without an outpouring of opposition from liberty-minded citizens like you, I’m worried a “Red Flag” disaster is in store.

The Gun Control Lobby and their pals in the national media are falling all over themselves to fan anti-gun hysteria to get Senate Leadership to cave and grease the skids to ram a gun control deal on so-called “Red Flag” gun confiscation through the Senate.

Should they succeed, they know it’s virtually assured to pass the U.S. House.

So depending on where President Trump stands, this could be our only chance to stop it.

That’s why I’m counting on EACH and EVERY Campaign for Liberty supporter to sign their “NO RED FLAG DEALS” petition.

Needless to say, the very public bipartisan rush to so-called “Red Flag” schemes you and I are seeing right now is bad enough.

When a “deal” is struck over bad legislation, you and I often don’t have a lick of time to react.

Just think back to the bank bailouts during the last financial crisis or the so-called “PATRIOT” Act.

I’m worried BOTH parties’ push for so-called “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Orders will be right out of the same playbook.

That’s why I’m counting on your IMMEDIATE action.

Please sign your “NO RED FLAG DEALS” petition right away.

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