Spring Internship in Retrospect

By Zac Nickerson

As my spring internship is swiftly coming to a close I would like to review the past four and a half months. Throughout this spring I have had the opportunity not only to meet the great people here at Campaign for Liberty but also roll up my sleeves and take part with them in the important work they do here in D.C. and abroad to further the cause of Liberty and fight against the ever growing and overreaching state machine.

I had opportunity to testify for Liberty in a bureaucratic hearing

I was fortunate to meet Dr. Ron Paul and accompany him to a Liberty event

I was able to attend multiple educational and collaborative Liberty events, connecting with many Liberty activists that I would have otherwise not met

I was privileged to assist and interact with many of our great members and donors on a daily basis

I was given the opportunity to contribute to this website and take part in keeping you informed on the issues

I got to take part in directly interacting with the House and Senate offices to gain cosponsors on the Audit the Fed bill, and other issues

These are just some of the many opportunities that I had the privilege to take part in on your behalf. I have also learned much over the past few months, and I have seen a lot of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of the legislative process.

One thing I’ve come to realize from my time here is that there are more on Capitol Hill that if not pressured would grow the state and shrink our Liberties than there are that would fight for them, and if we do nothing Freedom dies. All of us need to take the responsibility of our Liberty personal and never give up the fight.

If you are a Liberty-minded college student or recent graduate and would like to help in the fight to reclaim the Republic and restore the Constitution, I would encourage you to apply for the Fall Internship here at Campaign for Liberty.

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