Colorado NDAA Vote

On Thursday, February 28, 33 members of the Colorado State House said it was fine for you to be detained indefinitely without a trial.

They said with their vote, that it was fine for the President to snatch you off the street and then throw you in prison without ever giving you a trial, if you do something that according to his office is “a belligerent act.”

Rep. Jared Wright’s bill, HB13-1045, would have helped keep Coloradans safe from indefinite detention by federal agents using the most onerous parts of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Here are the members who sided with the Obama Administration and didn’t think your right to a trial was worth protecting:

Buckner Hullinghorst Pabon
Court Kagan Peniston
Duran Kraft-Tharp Pettersen
Exum Lebsock Primavera
Fields Lee Rosenthal
Fischer Levy Ryden
Foote May Salazar
Garcia McCann Schafer
Gerou McLachlan Vigil
Ginal Melton Williams
Hamner Moreno Young

If your Representative voted against the bill, call them today and tell them that as their constituent, you will hold them accountable for their vote.

It’s also important that you contact your Representative if they voted for the bill and against indefinite detention. Urge them to bring the issue back up when and where they can, because due process of law is absolutely critical to our system of government.

You can reach your State Representative at 303-866-2904.

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