TAKE ACTION: Attack of the Drones in Gilmer County!

Can you believe they are trying to create a drone launch base at Gilmer County Airport so they can fly drones over Gilmer County?

A drone, or “unmanned aerial vehicle,” is a remote-controlled airplane used for spying on the general public. The amount of information they can get while flying over your neighborhood should make you cringe.

According to Homeland Security, the enhanced "Predator B Drones" to be used over American soil have the ability:

  • To find firearms
  • To monitor cell phone and two-way radio communications
  • To track the location, direction and speed of cell phones
  • To take detailed pictures of you, your family, and your property, from miles away

All of this spying capability is built into the Homeland Security Drone package, but the FAA and Homeland Security have yet to get around to creating protection of individual privacy. Most of the domestic drones have been used for border security, but now Gilmer County commissioners J.C. Sanford and Danny Hall want them flying over YOU!

Citizens of Gilmer County have expressed outrage over this plan, but so far to no avail. Only one of our three commissioners, Randy Bell, has bothered to look into this, and he is the only commissioner to reject the idea of flying drones over Gilmer County.

Chairman J.C. Sanford and Post 2 Commissioner Danny Hall have been all for it. They attended a specially-called meeting and attempted to sell it to the citizens of Gilmer County.

Fortunately, enough local citizens were at the meeting to raise a fuss, and they were able to forestall any deal with the drone contractor, the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI).

Instead of signing a contract with GTRI, the Board of Commissioners was forced to sign a “letter of interest.”

Make no mistake though, Commissioners J.C. Sanford and Danny Hall fully intend to ram through a contract to fly drones over Gilmer County as soon as possible.

Drones are a serious danger to the citizens of Gilmer County. Besides their potential for abuse by government agents to spy on citizens without a warrant or probable cause--an issue these two commissioners scoff at--according to the Air Force, drones have "serious mishaps or crashes" 307% more often than manned military aircraft.

Do you want the skies above Gilmer County being used to test these unreliable, dangerous, and invasive drones?

According to news sources, GTRI admits that the drones will be equipped with cameras, radar, and ground emitter detectors. Does this sound like they won't be using the drones against Gilmer citizens’ God-given privacy rights?

Is this the type of country our forefathers fought and died to create and defend for us?

We must hold these commissioners’ feet to the fire and make sure they see the light of day, before it is too late.

We cannot afford to give the federal government a toehold in Gilmer County (or the State of Georgia) to fly these remote controlled, privacy-invading, killing machines over our heads.

Everyone can see what a mess the federal government has made of our constitutional liberties in Washington, D.C. Now they want to shred even more of our liberties--and our commissioners are rolling out the welcome mat for them!

Gilmer County is centrally located in North Georgia, and it would make a perfect outpost for unconstitutional Homeland Security operations over all of North Georgia, parts of Tennessee, North Carolina, and Alabama.

One can only imagine what an advantage we would be giving to the Department of Homeland Security if this technology were to be used against citizens. We just cannot afford to take a chance that the government would act in our best interest.

Please contact these commissioners and tell them to vote “NO” on any measure to fly drones over Gilmer county:

J.C. Sanford (Chairman) 706-635-4361
[email protected]

Danny Hall (Post 2) 706-889-7777
[email protected]

If your email gets returned, blow up their fax machine.

Fax: 706-635-4359

At the special meeting, Commissioner Randy Bell was the lone “NO” vote against this dangerous government boondoggle.

Contact Commissioner Bell and encourage him to continue fighting against further infractions on our Fourth Amendment Rights!

Randy Bell (Post 1) 706-273-2143
[email protected]

This Thursday, April 11, will be the first of two meetings that we need you to attend. The actual vote will be determined at a later date, with a 24 hour notice. If you are at all able, please attend and let these commissioners know that you oppose the drones:

Gilmer County Commissioner Meeting
Thursday, April 11th
6PM to 8PM
Courthouse Jury Assembly Room
1 Broad St.
Ellijay, Ga. 30540

In Liberty,

Ike Hall
Georgia Campaign for Liberty
Recruit, Equip, Train, Mobilize

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