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Constitutional Carry Senate Vote Imminent!‏


Constitutional Carry Senate Vote Imminent!‏

Dear Patriot,

Inside sources have just informed me that Constitutional Carry (LD 660)–- which would “legalize” the constitutional carrying of firearms in Maine -– has been scheduled for a vote in the Maine Senate for Wednesday, June 12.

On Tuesday, the House narrowly defeated Constitutional Carry by a vote of 74-73. But the fight is not over. The House will be forced to re-vote if we are able to garner the votes necessary to pass Constitutional Carry in the Senate.

Your immediate action is CRITICAL to passing Constitutional Carry in the Maine Senate.‏

Call or email your State Senator and urge him or her to vote in favor of LD-660. Demand he or she call for a recorded roll call vote!

ALFOND of Cumberland D (207) 287-1515 justin@justinalfond.com

BOYLE of Cumberland D senjames.boyle@legislature.maine.gov

BURNS of Washington R (207) 733-8856 senatorburns@myfairpoint.net

CAIN of Penobscot D emily.cain@gmail.com

CLEVELAND of Androscoggin D senjohn.cleveland@legislature.maine.gov

COLLINS of York R (207) 985-2485 rcollins7@maine.rr.com

CRAVEN of Androscoggin D (207) 782-1897 mmcraven@roadrunner.com

CUSHING of Penobscot R (207) 358-9447 andre@andrecushing.com

DUTREMBLE of York D (207) 229-6587 ddutrem1@gmail.com

FLOOD of Kennebec R (207) 395-4915 patricksaflood@roadrunner.com

GERZOFSKY of Cumberland D (207) 373-1328 stan1340@aol.com

GOODALL of Sagadahoc D (207) 737-4797 senseth.goodall@legislature.maine.gov

GRATWICK of Penobscot D Sengeoff.gratwick@legislature.maine.gov

HAMPER of Oxford R (207) 539-4586 senatorhamp@gmail.com

HASKELL of Cumberland D annehask@maine.rr.com

HILL of York D (207) 337-3689 SenDawn.Hill@legislature.maine.gov

JACKSON of Aroostook D (207) 436-0763 sentroy.jackson@legislature.maine.gov

JOHNSON of Lincoln D senchris.johnson@legislature.maine.gov

KATZ of Kennebec R (207) 485-2394 rkatz@lipmankatz.com

LACHOWICZ of Kennebec D (207) 692-7143 sencolleen.lachowicz@legislature.maine.gov

LANGLEY of Hancock R (207) 667-0625 langley4legislature@myfairpoint.net

MASON of Androscoggin R (207) 577-1521 garrettpaulmason@gmail.com

MAZUREK of Knox D edmazurek1@aol.com

MILLETT of Cumberland D (207) 415-3903 senrebeccamillett@gmail.com

PATRICK of Oxford D (207) 364-7666 senjohn.patrick@legislature.maine.gov

PLUMMER of Cumberland R (207) 892-6088 geplummer@aol.com

SAVIELLO of Franklin R (207) 645-3420 drtom16@hotmail.com

SHERMAN of Aroostook R (207) 532-7073 rsherm_2000@yahoo.com

THIBODEAU of Waldo R (207) 223-5177 senatorthibodeau@aol.com

THOMAS of Somerset R (207) 277-3017 firewood@tds.net

TUTTLE of York D senjohn.tuttle@legislature.maine.gov

VALENTINO of York D senatorvalentino@gmail.com

WHITTEMORE of Somerset R (207) 474-6703 rodwhittemore@gmail.com

WOODBURY of Cumberland U (800) 423-6900 Dick@dickwoodbury.com

YOUNGBLOOD of Penobscot R (207) 989-3303 edmyoungblood@gmail.com



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