They Must Vote on ObamaCare Nullification

Dear Patriot,

I have some good news...

State Representative Aaron Libby (R-Waterboro) has introduced ObamaCare Nullification again this year!

As you may recall, this bill was introduced in Maine last year.

Unfortunately Republican Senator Rodney Whittemore (Somerset) killed it.

The ObamaCare Nullification bill (LD 680) is currently before the Judiciary Committee, and the committee has scheduled a public hearing for Tuesday, April 2.

As you know, for the first time in our history, Americans are going to be forced to purchase health insurance – or be penalized heavily by the federal government.

The good news is, you and I have an opportunity to stop ObamaCare in its tracks if LD 680 passes.

But only if the committee actually votes YES and moves the bill on to the full legislature!

The bad news is, LD 680 will die on Tuesday, April 2nd, if we don’t force the Judiciary Committee to actually vote on it

It is CRITICAL to liberty that you contact each Judiciary Committee member RIGHT NOW!

If we let them, they’ll "listen to testimony" until the cows come home - and never vote.

And if they never vote, the bill never becomes law.

It’s the same as if they voted "NO!”

No more delays.

No more endless testimony.

Just a simple vote . . .  YES or NO.

It is critically important that you contact each member of the Judiciary Committee and tell them:

A vote must be taken Tuesday, April 2nd.  No more delays!

Be polite, but let them know that you consider their lack of action on this bill to be just as bad as voting "NO."

Please call IMMEDIATELY.

Demand they VOTE and PASS ObamaCare Nullification (LD 680).

In Liberty,

Brent Tweed
State Coordinator
Maine Campaign for Liberty

P.S.  It’s vital you contact the Judiciary committee members before the hearing on Tuesday, April 2nd, and tell them two things:

(1) You want him or her to VOTE on ObamaCare Nullification (LD 680).  No more delays.
(2) Please vote FOR LD 680.

Let each committee member know that you support ObamaCare Nullification (LD 680).  This is the only bill that will nullify ObamaCare right here in Maine and protect our citizens from the federal government inflicting ObamaCare on us.

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