Michigan Republican Party to citizens of Michigan: No guns allowed

For Immediate Release:
Contact: Tony DeMott, State Coordinator Michigan Campaign for Liberty
[email protected]

Michigan Republican Party to the citizens of Michigan: No guns allowed
While the Obama Administration talks about banning guns, the MI GOP is apparently actually doing it.

Campaign for Liberty State Coordinator Tony DeMott and Ingham County Coordinator Phil Hofmeister were told by Republican Party officials and security personal that they could not enter the Michigan Republican State Convention today with their guns.

“It seems the GOP is attacking the left and the Democrats over their gun grab attempts, but when gun rights come to their own back yard the leadership of the Republican Party of Michigan has shown their true colors,” said DeMott.

Several activists were legally carrying holstered side arms not only for self-protection, but also as a political statement showing support for the Second Amendment.

Since the Lansing Center is a public building, it cannot ban firearms.

“So this left the decision on Bobby Schostak and his administration. We asked about his decision and he defended the decision to ban guns from this Republican Event,” said DeMott.

"The Michigan Republican Party has declared itself a gun free zone." said DeMott. “Conservative activists want a champion on this very important issue. The Republican Party cannot fool their base forever and will find themselves, once again, without popular support should they continue to say one thing and do another.”

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