Texas C4L calls for end to illegal ticket cameras

April 18, 2016

Red Light Camera and Speed ticket Photo Radar systems are currently shut down in Arizona due to illegal activities by the Arizona based camera vendors. The Arizona Attorney General issued an opinion that their handling of evidence to process camera tickets violates Arizona law requiring anyone handling evidence for the courts to hold a private investigator license. Each camera ticket processed without a license is a class 1 criminal misdemeanor under Arizona law.
Every Texas city and county that uses Photo Radar or Red Light cameras to issue tickets contracts with these same Arizona camera companies who have been breaking the law. They are still processing tickets against Texas drivers illegally under Arizona law. Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich did not differentiate between photo enforcement systems operated for Arizona or for other states like Texas. Brnovich’s opinion says the requirement to have a Private Investigator’s license applies to “Third-party contractors who operate photo enforcement systems in Arizona” (A.G. opinion included). By processing evidence for Texas cities and counties in Arizona every ticket issued in Texas is based on evidence that was illegally obtained.
It is clear that every single photo enforcement ticket in Texas has been processed and issued to drivers as a part of a criminal act by the Arizona camera companies hired by Texas cities and counties. As such all camera tickets issued under the guise of enforcing the law are “fruits of the poisonous tree”. The evidence used to fine Texas motorists is based solely on evidence that was illegally obtained and should have never been used as evidence to fine Texas motorists. Even after the Attorney General’s opinion, to our knowledge, no Texas county or city has suspended issuing tickets from this illegal process. Every Texas City and County that is still issuing camera tickets and collecting revenue from them is profiting from crimes committed by their Arizona business partners.
Based on this information and the long history of corruption, abuse and violations of state laws and the U.S. Constitution associated with these camera vendors Texas Campaign for Liberty and our members stand united in demanding;
• An immediate cessation of all photo enforcement ticketing in Texas that is processed illegally in Arizona.
• A full and immediate refund of all photo radar tickets ever issued by any city, county or other local authority since inception.
• A complete investigation by Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton into wrong doing on the part of the camera vendors and local authorities who are profiting from the criminal acts.
Texas Campaign For Liberty has been the leader in Texas fighting against the dangerous, corrupt and unconstitutional photo enforcement ticket cameras. Last year the Texas Senate passed a statewide camera ban only to have it die in the House transportation committee. The cameras are against the will of Texas voters, only serve as a revenue generator not a safety tool and invite bribery, corruption and a motive for profit at the expense of safety.

AZ C4L AG opinion

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