14 Texas "Republican" Congressmen vote for more NSA spying

Unfortunately, Texas had fourteen of our Republican U.S. Representatives join forces with Sheila Jackson Lee, Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz to vote against an amendment by Representative Justin Amash that would have prohibited the NSA from continuing their spying on millions of innocent Americans. By voting to keep funding the NSA program these big government Republicans endorsed the NSA operation of gathering billions of information points (or "metadata") on every American including email and phone records. The amendment failed by just thirteen votes, which means if these fourteen "Republicans" had voted the right way the NSA would not have been able to continue their massive and unconstitutional surveillance program. We wanted you to know who stands with the Obama NSA spying program and the most liberal Democrat House Members. You can see more information at the national blog page here. The main switchboard for the house is 202-224-3121.


Sam Johnson                            District 3         Plano

Jeb Hensarling                         District 5         Dallas

John Culberson                        District 7         Houston

Kevin Brady                               District 8        Conroe

Michael McCaul                        District 10      Austin

Michael Conaway                      District 11      Llano

Kay Granger                               District 12      Fort Worth

Mac Thornberry                        District 13       Amarillo

Bill Flores                                   District 17      Waco/ College Station

Randy Neugebauer                   District 19     Abilene

Lamar Smith                              District 21     San Antonio

Pete Olson                                   District 22     Sugar Land

John Carter                                 District 31    Round Rock

Pete Sessions                              District 32    Dallas



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